Last Chance To Find Out What Children Are Learning In School About Sex

"They" are teaching more than this to your kids in "sex ed"

Abortion isn't HealthCare

Thank You President Trump!

<p>Thank you President Trump. You are the most Pro-Life President ever! Millions of unborn babies owe their lives to President Trump. His efforts to defend Life came with great cost. Everyone in America ought to be grateful.<br>President Trump put his money where his mouth is by defunding Planned Parenthood. Although it came at great costs.</p>

The Responsible Education for Adolescent and Children’s Health Act (REACH Act)

<p>Be aware and call your Illinois state legislator. Look at the picture. IS THIS YOUR IMAGE OF YOUR ILLINOIS?</p>

Joe Biden's Plan for Abortion

Illinois Has A Safe Haven Law - No Shame No Blame No Name

PARENTS BEWARE! Parental Notice is under attack! More Details to Follow

<p><p> I wanted to Invite you all to our Spring 40 Days For Life Vigil which started just a couple days ago on Wednesday February 17th from 8am to 8pm. We are very excited to host this very important campaign here in Waukegan for the Second time, and I know that with your support and commitment, once again, it will be a very successful 40 Days. Please feel free to register on the website at If you have signs with positive messages, those can be used as well as if you have signs from the previous campaign. Please let me know if you need signs or have questions. I will keep you all updated in the next day or so with any new updates. Weather will definitely make it difficult but not impossible to host our campaign. We will try to shovel the snow in the area for a safer prayer but will update you on this one too. Any important updates will also be posted on the main page on the website so be sure to check it from time to time. Thanks again for all of the support. Have a Blessed Day!! – Jorge Cervantes</p> <p>SAY A PRAYER, SAVE A BABY!</p></p>