Thank You President Trump!

Thank you President Trump. You are the most
Pro-Life President ever! Millions of unborn babies owe their lives to President Trump.

His efforts to defend Life came with great cost. Everyone in America ought to be grateful.

President Trump put his money where his mouth is by defunding Planned Parenthood. Although it came at great costs.

What you need to know about the COVID vaccine.

Perhaps this is why David Daleiden is being persecuted by Planned Parenthood and the courts. This video is a must watch to understand the morality of the vaccine. It also explains the grave risk the vaccine poses both medically and morally.

Pray for Donald John Trump!

Joe Biden's Plan for Abortion

Divine Intervention-Advent 2020

When it seems like the impossible clouds all earthly possibilities, hang on. When it feels like the troubles of this life will never change, don’t give up. When hope is a distant thought and despair pummels us from every angle, keep hoping! When the struggle is real and our strength fails us, take heart! When we’re weary from running on empty, and it’s beginning to look like we can’t get there from here… God does something remarkable!

Great News! 13 Pro-Life women elected to the U.S. House

Illinois Has A Safe Haven Law - No Shame No Blame No Name

PARENTS BEWARE! Parental Notice is under attack! More Details to Follow