Pennsylvania Shuts Down Late Term Abortion Center in Philadelphia

145The state of Pennsylvania has shut down a late term-abortion clinic in Philadelphia run by a notorious abortion clinic owner who has lost his license in multiple states. 

While Pennsylvania failed for decades to address the atrocities of the Kermit Gosnell case and his House of Horrors abortuary, recently state officials have been looking into another notorious abortionist, Steven Brigham.  

 Brigham is notorious for losing his medical license, being fined and kicked out of states for his shoddy operations, and yet had been attempting to open a new abortion facility in Philadelphia called the ‘Integrity Family Health.’         

 That facility applied for and was granted a state permit earlier this fall, with reports that Brigham’s multi-state abortion business would be setting up appointments for patients at the new Pennsylvania center, with a new toll free number. 

However, after a thorough investigation, pro-life Governor Tom Corbett’s administration is shutting down the abortion facility! 

“Brigham’s license to practice medicine was yanked in Pennsylvania and numerous other states. In addition, “he was barred from owning or operating abortion centers in Pennsylvania,” according to the pro-life group ‘Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. 

Brigham’s 15 facilities in four states, including four in Pennsylvania, Erie, Allentown, State College and Pittsburgh have all since been closed.

 The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation states, “This is good news for women and their preborn babies across the Commonwealth.”

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