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Illinois voters guide

Lake County Right to Life

Illinois General Election Candidate Report

March 20th, 2018


Please copy and share this information with others.  It is legal to take this sheet into the voting booth with you.



CS = Candidates Survey

100% CS = Consistent Pro-life responses

no CS = did not return candidates survey & no voting record

pro-life = committed to a pro-life position

pro-abortion= public commitment to a pro-abortion position

* = Incumbent

No additional information is available regarding the position of Green or Libertarian candidates





Candidates for Governor/Lt. Governor

Chris Kennedy/Ra Joy (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Daniel Biss/Litsa Wallace (D) no CS, pro-abortion

J.B. Pritzker/Juliana Stratton (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Robert Marshall/Dennis Cole (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Tio Hardiman/Patricia Avery (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Bob Daiber/Jonathan Todd (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Bruce Rauner/Evelyn Sanguinetti *(R)no CS, pro-abortion

Jeanne Ives/Rich Morthland (R) CS, pro-life, 100% voting record


Candidates for Attorney General

Scott Drury (D) no CS, pro-abortion, voting record

Nancy Rotering (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Renato Mariotto (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Kwame Raoul (D) no CS, pro-abortion, voting record

Aaron Goldstein (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Jesse Ruiz (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Sharon Fairley (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Pat Quinn (D) no CS, pro-abortion, voting record

Ericka Harold (R) no CS, no voting record

Gary Grasso (R) no CS, no voting record


Candidates for Secretary of State

Jesse White* (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Jason Helland (R) no CS


Candidate for Comptroller

Susan Mendoza* (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Darlene Senger (R)no CS, pro-life, voting record,


Candidate for Treasurer

Michael Frerichs* (D) no CS, pro-abortion, voting record

Jim Dodge (R) no CS


Candidates for Congress


6th Congressional District

Becky Anderson Wilkins (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Sean Casten (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Carole Cheney (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Amanda Howland (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Ryan Huffman (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Kelly Mazeski (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Jennifer Zordani (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Peter Roskam* (R) CS, pro-life, 100% voting record


10th Congressional District

Brad Schneider* (D) no CS, pro-abortion, voting record

Doug Bennett (R)CS, pro-life, no voting record

Jeremy Wynes (R) no CS, pro-abortion

Sapan Shah (R) no CS, pro-abortion


14th Congressional District

Matt Brolley (D) no CS, pro-abortion

John Hosta (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Daniel Roldan-Johnson (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Victor Swanson (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Lauren Underwood (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Jim Walz (D) no CS, pro-abortion

George Weber (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Randy Hultgren* (R) CS, pro-life, 100% voting record


Candidates for Illinois General Assembly


State Senate – 26th District

Tom Georges (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Dan McConchie*(R) CS, pro-life, 100% voting record


State Senate –30th District

Terry Link* (D) no CS, pro-abortion, voting record

Soojae Lee (R) no CS


State Senate – 32nd District

Craig Wilcox (R)





Candidates in the Illinois House


51st District

Nick Sauer* (R) CS,pro-life, 100% voting record






52nd District

David McSweeney* (R) CS, pro-life, 100% voting record

58th District

Cindy Masover* (R) no CS


59th District

Daniel Didech (D) no CS, pro-abortion

Susan Malter (D) no CS

Karen Feldman (R) no CS

Marko Sukovic (R) CS, pro-life


60th District

Rita Mayfield* (D) no CS, pro-abortion, voting record


61st District

Joyce Mason (D) no CS, pro-abortion  

Sheri Jesiel* (R) CS, pro-life, 100% voting record


62nd District

Sam Yingling* (D) no CS, pro-abortion, 100% voting record

Adam Solano (R) CS, pro-life

Ken Idstein (R) CS, pro-life


64th District

Tom Weber (R) CS, pro-life, 100% county board voting record


Lake Countywide Candidates


Lake County Sheriff

John Idleburg (D) no CS,

Mark C. Curran, Jr. * (R) CS, pro-life


Lake County Clerk

Adam Broad (D) no CS

Robin O’Connor (D)no CS

Carla Wyckoff* (R) no CS


Lake County Treasurer

Holly Kim (D) no CS

David Stolman * (R) no CS


Lake County Board Districts


District #3

Anthony McConnell (D)no CS

Dick Barr (R) CS, pro-life

James Creighton Mitchell, Jr. (R) CS, pro-life

District #5

Judy Martini * (R) CS, pro-life

District #6

John Wasik (D) no CS

Bob Bednar (R) CS, pro-life,

Jeff Werfel* (R) no CS

District #8

Bill Durkin (D) no CS

Juan Martinez (D) no CS


District #9

Mary Ross Cunningham* (D) CS, pro-life

District #10

Jessica Vealitzed (D) no CS

Jeralyn “Jeri” Atleson (R) CS, pro-life

Charles “Chuck” Bartels (R) CS, pro-life

District #11

Paul Frank (D) no CS

Rebecca “Becky” Zeidman (R) no CS

District #14

Angelo Kyle (D) CS. Pro-life

Vance Wyatt (D) no CS

Bonny Mayfield (D) no CS

Richard Otero-Cintron (D) no CS

District #15

Carol Calabresa (R) no CS

District #17

Maria Peterson (D) no CS

Eleanor Sweet McDonnell (R) CS, pro-life

Linda Starkey (R) no CS

Michael Danforth (R) CS, pro-life

District #18

Julie Simpson (D) no CS

Aaron Lawlor (R) no CS

District #19

Geoffrey Petzel (D) no CS

Craig Taylor (R) no CS

District #20

Adam Didech (D) no CS

Sidney Mathias (R) no CS, pro-abortion, voting record

District #21

Ann Maine (R) no CS




This list does not constitute support or endorsement by LCRL and cannot be used to advance the candidacy of any individual.