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Where do the Candidates Stand on Abortion?

Lake County Life PAC congratulates the following endorsed candidates who won their 2016 election.
Please know that all of these candidates support and will vote to support and protect innocent human life.

President:                                 Donald J. Trump  ( R )
Vice-President:                         Mike Pence    ( R )
6th Congressional Dist.            Congressman Peter Roskam ( R )
14th Congressional Dist.          Congressman Randy Hultgren (R )
State Senate:

District 26                                  Senator Dan McConchie ( R )
State Representative:
25nd Dist:                                  Rep. David McSweeney ( R )
61st  Dist:                                  Rep. Sheri Jesiel ( R )
64th  Dist:                                  Rep. Barbara Wheeler ( R )
Lake County
State’s Attorney:                         Mike Nerheim ( R )
Lk Cty Board Dist 1:                   Linda Pedersen ( R )
Lk Cty Board Dist 5:                   Judy Martini  ( R )