Mexico City Policy

On January 23, 2009, President Obama signed an executive order that put hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars into the hands of organization that aggressively promote abortion as a population control tool. Is this how you want your tax-payer dollar to be spent?...

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Embryonic Stem-Cell

The FDA recently granted permission to begin the country's embryonic stem-cell treatment on human subjects. The Geron Corporation is approved to inject embryonic stem-cells into 10 people paralyzed from the chest down, by spinal cord injuries. The question we pose...

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New Member for Obama’s Cabinet

Leon Panetta, Obama's new CIA Chief is a practicing Catholic, who teaches a course each year at the Jesuit-run Santa Clara University.Mr Panetta has a strong pro-abortion voting record as a California Congressman, including co-sponsoring the Freedom of Choice Act...

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Utilitarianism in Health Care

Tom Daschle, Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Obama, wants to create a US Agency to control health care costs. This agency substantially would control the ethics and medical availability of care. Look for money from the stimulus package to study...

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Organ Donation

The American Medical News recently ran an article which was concerned with organ procurement after heart death. Just the thought that your heart could be dead at one moment, and alive at another, is an oxymoron. If someone is pronounced dead based on the irreversible...

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Best Pro-Life Response to Obama

Best Pro-Life Response to Obama – Respect the President, Sure, But don't Give in "One Single Inch" Our hope is in the Lord and His goodness! Indeed, that hope is needed in a time when very dark clouds of abortion are gathering over the nation's Capitol. It is evident...

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President Obama to Press Reset Button

President Obama to Press Reset Button President Barack Obama promised Planned Parenthood that, "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA). If he keeps this promise, American Right To Life president Brian Rohrbough said,...

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New pro-life ad depicting Obama as unborn child

New pro-life ad depicting Obama as unborn child to run during Inauguration A new pro-life ad that depicts an unborn child who grows up to become President-elect Barack Obama will air repeatedly in Chicago during Black Entertainment Television's coverage of the...

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