Australia Alone Restricts Abortion Aid

With Mexico City Policy Gone, Australia Alone Restricts Abortion Aid President Obama's decision to rescind the "Mexico City Policy" – which denies aid funds to non-governmental organizations that promote or perform abortions – is providing new impetus for activists in...

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Obama reaffirms support for Roe

On 36th anniversary, Obama reaffirms support for Roe President Obama reaffirmed his support for abortion rights on the 36th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling. In a written statement released two days after his inauguration, Obama said Jan. 22 he remains "committed...

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Pro-Life Senators Take a Stand

Pro-Life Senators Take a Stand As America remembers the 45 million preborn babies who have died since Roe v. Wade, several U.S. senators are taking a stand for life. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., spoke at the annual March for Life. "We're going to win this fight," he...

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Embryonic Stem Cell Trial Gets FDA Approval

Embryonic stem cell trial gets FDA nod Proponents of embryonic stem cell research won a major victory Jan. 23 when a biotechnology company announced it has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for clinical trials using embryonic stem cells in...

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Will Obama Consult Pro-life Ethicists?

Leading bioethics thinker ponders whether Obama will consult pro-life ethicists Robert P. George, a Princeton law professor and member of President Bush's Council on Bioethics, has written an essay asking whether President Barack Obama will be open to including...

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New York Times Ignores 300,000 at March

New York Times Totally Ignores Pro-Life March of 300,000 editor Don Feder said today The New York Times' total lack of coverage of last Thursday's March for Life demonstrates how the paper's ideology determines its reporting. "More than 300,000 people...

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Disability and Health care

Disability and Health care Last month in London, England, a disabled man phoned for an ambulance because he was having a heart attack. Barry Baker, 59, then collapsed and lost consciousness. The telephone fell to the floor too but the line remained open and the...

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IFRL NEWS SHORTS FOR MONDAY Disclaimer: The linked items below or the websites at which they are located do not necessarily represent the views of The Illinois Federation for Right to Life. They are presented only for your information. Reversal of Mexico City Policy a...

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