March for Life Chicago- Huge Success for Life!

Lake County Right to Life’s chartered Bus took people on Sunday, January 17th, to downtown Chicago, where record-breaking crowds numbering an estimated 5,000, braved arctic temperatures in an exuberant witness to the sanctity of Life, at the 3rd annual March for Life Chicago.

Representatives from all age groups, diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, gathered from locations all across the Midwest, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, and Ohio to proclaim love for Life.

One would have never known the degree of frigid single digit temps, from the sea of smiling faces and yellow balloons, were it not for their puffy winter attire. All were united in one voice proclaiming respect, love and protection for every Life, born and unborn.

In 43 years since the infamous Roe v Wade legalized abortion on demand all across the country, we have been getting the message out that Life is precious and needs to be celebrated and protected at every stage, from the womb to the tomb. Thsy message is being heard!

Lake County Right to Life’s Acronym

It is all about Advocacy, Education and Witness, Lake County Right to Life, in partnership with all other pro-life organizations, has tirelessly been working to make the public aware of the true face of abortion through Advocating for pro-life legislation, Educating the public on all the issues affecting the right to life, and Witnessing in the public square to the right to Life of all!

Sunday’s March for Life Chicago, was proof that more and more people, including the young, are getting the message of the sanctity of Life, and are joining in the fight against the culture of death.

The crowds listened to speakers included Bishop Paul of Chicago, Pastor Corey Brooks, Archbishop Blase Cupich, Jessica Lauer, comedian Dan Kulp, Congressman Randy Hultgren (R-14), abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, and SFLI Student leader, Eareen Yambao.

Reverend Corey Brooks, Pastor of New Beginnings Church of Chicago, stressed the need for people to address the issue of abortion, especially in the African American community: “No longer will we stand on the sideline and let these abortions happen in our community and be silent while babies go unborn. But we are going to take a stand. And that stand starts right now.”

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Chicago, Blase J. Cupich, also explained to pro-lifers why coming out to Chicago to march on that day was so important, telling the crowd:”This isn’t just about Chicago or people in neighborhoods where we come from. This is about our nation and the soul of our nation.”

U.S. Representative Randy Hultgren added his voice, emphasizing that the right to life is the central issue of our time.

Key-note speaker Melissa Ohden, moved the crowd with her incredible testimony as a survivor of a saline-infusion abortion: “I am grateful to be alive. I’m grateful for the call God has put on my life to be a part of this pro-life ministry. I stand here with you today, and every single day, marching for those who never will have the opportunity to march.”

The March for Life Chicago, was covered by multiple media outlets, reaching hundreds of thousands, with its message of love for Life.

And the March Goes On, as Lake County Right to Life continues to educate, motivate and keep the Life issue prominent in the public square.
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