Women’s Health and Protection Act

HB 3274
Chief Sponsor: Representative Sheri Jesiel

Lake County Right to Life Urges Support of This Common Sense Legislation.

Women’s Health and Protection Act:  Amends the Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Act with the following …

  • Requires licensure of ‘pregnancy termination specialty centers, defined as any facility which performs 50 or more surgical abortions in one calendar year.
  • Differentiates between an “ambulatory surgical treatment center” and a “pregnancy termination specialty center”, and that “ambulatory surgical treatment centers” are licensed, while “pregnancy termination specialty centers”, are not.
  • Will Require the Department of Public Health to annually conduct at least one unannounced inspection of each “pregnancy termination specialty center.”
  • Contains provisions requiring the notification of patients if that Department finds a violation of the Act that could threaten patient’s health.

Illinois Right to Life reports: “54 percent of the abortion clinics open today are not licensed; and therefore have not, since 1999, received a health and sanitary inspection. No Planned Parenthood in Illinois has a state license.”