VOTE NO on Senate Bill 1564: PRETENDS to Amend Illinois’ Healthcare Right of Conscience Act.

Lake County Right to Life Urges VOTE NO on this Threat to the Right of Conscience Act!

Introduced by:  Senator Daniel Biss

The Catholic Conference of Illinois and the Illinois Catholic Health Association Reports …

“The Catholic conference of Illinois (CCI) and the Illinois Catholic Health Association (ICHA) oppose Senate Bill 1564.  The Bill pretends only to amend Illinois’ Healthcare Right of Conscience Act, but in reality the bill effectively repeals this important legal protection.”

“The Illinois Healthcare Right of Conscience Act affirms and protects important constitutional freedoms. Healthcare professionals should not be forced to participate in medical procedures – such as abortion, sterilization or end-of-life care – that violate their values and beliefs. Unfortunately, the authors of Senate Bill 1564 do not agree.”

Synopsis:   SB1564 makes changes in the Section of the Health Care Right of Conscience Act, concerning findings and policy by the following …

  • A health care facility, or any physician or health care personnel, may refuse to refer for, participate in, assist in, counsel, suggest, recommend or refer for health care services because of a conscience-based objection, ONLY IF … 1.) the patient receives material information, 2.) the refusal will not impair the patient’s health due to denial of access to the refused health care service.  CCI & ICHA states: “This restriction on a healthcare professional’s right of conscience is so broad and ill-defined there would be practically no situation in which invoking the right to conscience is permissible.”
  • Provides that nothing in the Act shall be construed to prevent a health care facility from requiring that physicians or health care personnel comply with access to care and information protocols.
  • Makes other changes in Sections concerning: 1.) discrimination by employers or institutions; and 2.) liability.

CCI and ICHA further report that: The bill inserts new provisions into the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act that are in direct conflict with multiple existing provisions of the Act, effectively frustrating the law’s operation!