Ultrasound Opportunity Act

HB 2701
Chief Sponsor: Representative Barbara Wheeler

Lake County Right to Life Supports This Common Sense Legislation.

The Ultrasound Opportunity Act:  Requires that a woman seeking an abortion, after 8 weeks gestation, be offered the opportunity to receive and view an ultrasound of her baby by the physician who is to perform the abortion, referring physician, and or another qualified person working in conjunction with either physician.

This is common sense legislation considering the following …

  • Most medical professionals operating in the abortion industry today, already perform ultrasounds before every abortion. In fact, according to a 2002 survey, 99 percent of abortion facilities nationwide had ultrasound available.
  • Ultrasounds are used to assist doctors in order to better protect the health and welfare of patients; i.e.… to rule out an ectopic pregnancy and allow the medical professional to examine the child and his or her location to accurately calculate gestational age.
  • Ultrasounds support the important medical principle of informed choice.
  • The Women’s Center of Greater Chicagoland reports: “in four years of allowing women to view an ultrasound image of their unborn baby, 71 percent of those women who chose to view the ultrasound “chose” not to pursue abortion.”
  • Therefore, this legislation promotes a woman’s physical and psychological health, because medical evidence indicates women feel bonded to their children after seeing them on the ultrasound screen.

To Sum it Up …

Competent medical practice already includes the use of ultrasound before an abortion. Therefore, this legislation merely adds one small question:  “Would you like to see the ultrasound image?”

-Synopsized from the Catholic Conference of Illinois-