Lake County Right to Life Supporters Hear About Biophysical Impact of Abortion on Families and Society

Vicki Thorn Shares Why Abortion is Not Just a Religious or Moral Issue

Abortion’s aftermath, its biological effects and societal impact were the key topics in a revelatory talk by researcher Vicki Thorn at the July 28, 2017, Lake County Right to Life benefit banquet in Mundelein, Illinois. She spoke to a crowd of 300, including Lake County notables, Sheriff Mark Curran, former U.S. Congressman and popular syndicated radio talk show host Joe Walsh, U.S. Congressman Randy Hultgren, State Senator Dan McConchie, and former State Representative Al Salvi. Also in attendance was the Mayor of Mundelein Steve Lentz, Dawn Fitzpatrick of the Office of Human Dignity and Solidarity of the Archdiocese of Chicago, and representatives of prominent faith and family organizations.

Thorn, founder of Project Rachel and executive director of the National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation & Healing, spoke of the universality of abortion’s aftermath. “It’s not unique to the United States. It’s not unique to a particular faith group. It’s part of being human. This is a mother who has lost her child through a traumatic and unnatural fashion, and at some point she may have to grieve and work her way through it.”

Calling herself a trauma “consoler,” rather than counselor, Thorn has an extensive history with helping the broken. A psychology graduate of the University of Minnesota, she has worked as a bereavement facilitator and as a prenatal loss facilitator. She created Project Rachel as a way to help women and men find hope and healing after an abortion. Thorn continually emphasized the need to love those who are hurting. Helping those who have had an abortion work through their grief, and assisting women and families in unplanned pregnancies must remain a key plank in the pro-life mission, according to Thorn.

Thorn explained how an abortion’s effects go beyond a woman and her child, touching fathers, siblings and the extended family. She shared implications going beyond the emotional, to the biological, hormonal bonding that causes cells of a child, even an aborted one, to remain in a mother’s body – and the bodies of her future children – forever.

While Thorn grieves abortion’s emotional and spiritual effects, she also addressed the sociological wounds of abortion, society’s shifting values, the chemical effects of contraceptives, the biological impact pregnancy has on men, issues relating to reproductive alternatives, and the implications for marriage and the family.

In a society that has legalized abortion, Thorn believes that it is important to understand that abortion in not just a religious or moral issue. The biological and psychological consequences of abortion, “have changed people’s lives [in ways] that we have never thought about, even in our own family,” Thorn added, “As a society, it’s time for us to reevaluate.”

Bonnie Quirke, President of Lake County Right to Life, remarked after the presentation, “Vicki Thorn has zeroed in on what’s wrong with abortion. It doesn’t just kill a child and wound a mother, it disrupts the biological order of the life process. The resulting changes rip shreds in civilization, causing a ripple effect that continues for generations. Once you understand that, there is absolutely no way one can remain ambivalent about the destruction of abortion. This is why Lake County Right to Life exists, and Vicki’s message will help inform our ongoing work.”

Our MC Former Congressman Joe Walsh with Monte Larrick

Al & Kathy Salvi with Sheriff Mark Curran and wife, Iren

Senator Dan McConchie with Vicki Thorn & Bonnie Quirke

Vicki Thorn speaking at the Lake County Right to Life Banquet, “What We Didn’t Know, Understanding Our, Biology and Wounds.

A view of the pro-life crowd at Lake County’s Right to Life Banquet

Mr & Mrs Frank Bassette with their daughters

Brad & Meg Bonham with students from Carmel Catholic High School. Brad is President of Carmel High School

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