Illinois House Files Resolution To Investigate State Planned Parenthood Clinics

Republican House members and one Downstate Democrat have filed resolution HR 0671 to Investigate Illinois’ Planned Parenthood clinics in Illinois.

This resolution is a response to the recent undercover videos exposing the vile
bartering over aborted baby organs and tissue.

Sponsored by Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton), the resolution now awaits consideration in the Illinois House. Ives stated, “The gruesome revelations in this video go beyond the debate over abortion. If these practices are occurring in Illinois, they would be in stark violation of federal and state law.”

HR 0671 “urges the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Ilinois Executive Inspector General, the Illinois Attorney General, and the Illinois Department of Revenue to investigate:
Planned Parenthood’s procedures for abortions, obtaining informed consent, and sale or donation of human fetal tissue across the State.
Organizations across the State who are involved in purchasing or accepting human fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood.”
ACTION: Contact Speaker Madigan at (773) 581-8000

Urge him to bring HR 0671 to the Floor for a vote.

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