Facts Sheet On Parental Notice HB2467 & SB1594

Illinois has a Parental Notice of Abortion Law.  Under this law a minor girl (under the age of 18) in Illinois cannot do the following without parental consent:

Participate in a school field trip
Take Tylenol from a school nurse
Be treated by a doctor
Be given a flu shot
Get a body pierced
Get a tattoo
Buy a car
See an R rated movie (if you’re under 17)



Our neighboring states with Parental Notice/Consent Laws for Abortion:

Indiana = Consent
Iowa = Notice
Kansas = Consent
Michigan = Consent
Minnesota = Notice
Missouri = Consent
Ohio =  Consent
Wisconsin =  Consent
South Dakota = Notice
North Dakota = Consent

If SB1594 & HB2467 are passed Illinois will become a dumping ground for abortion.

The Bill:
Would remove any parental involvement prior to a minor’s abortion, including minors as young as 12 or 13.
Would repeal provisions that parents aren’t liable for the cost of a minor’s abortion that is preformed without parental consent.