Saturday April 28th, 2018 baby Alfie Evans goes home to God.  Baby Alfie was a baptized Catholic and according to Catholic teaching free from sin.  Our prayers are certainly needed for his parents Tom and Kate.

There are many moral and ethical lessons to be learned from this tragic case.  Probably the most urgent for our country, lesson to be learned, is how does a society deal with disability.  Next lesson would be does public policy reflect caring for the most vulnerable in our society or does it reflect a monetary and utilitarian view of the individual.  Do parental rights in deciding the care of that child matter?  Does National healthcare allow for treatment and care of the permanently disabled?

All of these issues were evident in the baby Alfie Evans case.  The last question to ponder is how does the push for Euthanasia in the United States tie into the baby Alfie case, it is a matter to ponder because it is here.


Alfie Update

On Monday doctors removed baby Alfie’s life support.  They also prohibited his parents from taking Alfie to Italy for further evaluations.  As of this writing 4-25-18 at 9:30am central time baby Alfie is still alive.

The courts and the hospital remain firm in their decision not to allow any further treatment for this baby.  In fact, there are police guards outside the door of his room preventing any attempt his parents might make in removing him from the hospital.

This baby is being starved to death since he cannot take nourishment on his own and the hospital is denying him any food or water.

I would say this is murder most foul!!  Make no mistake about it, this baby is being murdered by so called healthcare “professionals” and a court system.

Only God knows what the outcome will be here.  The most we can do is pray for this baby’s parents as they helplessly watch their beautiful baby die.

The U.K. is rejoicing in the news that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy who was born on Monday April 23rd.  One wonders why the royal family is rejoicing in the birth of one baby and not intervening in the death of another!!

Alfie Evans – Another Victim of National Healthcare

Supreme Court of the United Kingdom rejected Alfie’s parents appeal. The Supreme Court also approved a plan drawn out by the Childrens hospital “for withdrawing treatment and bringing the 23 month – old’s life to an end”.

Alfie is a 23 month old baby who has been in a coma since developing a mysterious illness.  He was healthy up until 7 months of age, when he began to make “seizure like movements” which the doctor said were signs of a  “lazy and a late developer”.  He developed a chest infection which caused seizures and was placed on life support in December of 2016.

His condition is not diagnosed and is described as being in a semi-vegetative state.  Doctors believe it is inhuman to keep Alfie alive.

Even though other medical institutions including Pope Francis have offered to admit and care for Alfie, the hospital and UK Courts have refused.  The parents have had their last appeal denied and it seems baby Alfie will join baby Charlie Gard in having his life-support withdrawn.

This truly is denial of treatment based on disability.  We will keep you updated on the outcome.  Please note these cases are becoming more prevalent.


Alfie Evans’ parents Tom Evans and Kate James are both in their 20’s and are from Liverpool. They have shown what it means to be a parent.