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SB 1564 – Detrimental to Both Healthcare Providers and Patients”

SB 1564 “as amended by Senate Amendment 3 undermines the freedom of conscience and invites intimidation and legal action against pro-life healthcare providers, and threatens the core mission of pregnancy resource centers that offer women alternatives to abortion.”


SB 1564 Would Erode the Following …

  1. Freedom of conscience for healthcare providers right NOT TO counsel or refer for conscience-violating services which have been statutorily protected in Illinois for nearly 20 years.


SB 1564 Would Create the Following …


     1.  New obligations for healthcare providers, including pregnancy resource centers that offer women alternatives to abortion, to participate in conscience-violating activities. 



SB 1564 Would use Government Force … 


      1. To impose new and unnecessary obligations that are contrary to the longstanding law that appropriately protects both the freedom of conscience and patient care.  


SB 1564 Obligates …


     1.   Healthcare facilities, physicians, or potentially conscience-violating services by requiring the provider to refer or transfer a patient, and or provide information on other healthcare providers that would provide the morally objected-to services.  


SB 1564 Creates a Duty …


    1.    Health care professionals inform patients of “legal treatment options”, that would violate the healthcare provider’s conscience.


Note:  This could later be used by abortion advocacy groups as a basis for lawsuits against these healthcare providers.  


SB 1564 Requires that Healthcare Professionals …

      1.   Discuss the “benefits” of abortion and where to obtain abortions.  


      2.   Provide this information in a “timely manner”. Without stipulating what constitutes

           “timely”, it goes on to define “undue delay”, as “unreasonable delay that causes impairment of the patient’s health”.  



While these may be existing practice for many healthcare facilities and providers, mandating it as a legal obligation, would eliminate the law’s respect for sincerely held moral convictions of healthcare providers for whom these actions constitute complicity with the objected-to service.


Illinois’ longstanding law protects the freedom of conscience, while broadly defining, “health care facility” “health care personnel” and “health care” in order to ensure its goal of comprehensive respect.



SB 1564’s

utilization of broad definitions means its coercive reach extends to pregnancy resource centers whose core mission is to provide alternatives to abortion.



SB 1564’s attack on Freedom of Conscience would be counterproductive for patient access to care in Illinois by …

      1.  Adding stress on an already overtaxed healthcare system by creating an even greater shortage of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.  


Note: In a survey conducted in 2008, 91 percent of faith-based physicians agreed with the statement, “I would rather stop practicing medicine altogether than be forced to violate my conscience.” 




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