CALL Your Illinois State Rep TODAY! Vote NO! on The Following Bills…


CALL Your Illinois State Rep


Vote NO! on The Following Bills

HB 887 –Is an attempt to undermine the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act and Parent’s Right to Raise and Protect Their Children!  As amended, keeps a policy holder on a family plan from knowing what “sensitive health services”under his/her plan, are receiving, as relates to “reproductive health, including, but not limited to, family planning, maternity, abortion, fertility, transgender-related care, and HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infection services.”

Call Your Rep: Tell Them VOTE NO on HB 887


HB 5576 –  Greatly expands “Contraceptives” and Reproductive” Medical Procedures that will force Employers and Individual Health Insurance Policy Holders to Pay for Abortifacient (abortion inducing drugs) and interfere with Religious Liberties as in the cases of Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor.

  This bill would require insurance policies to cover, for the first time, over-the-counter, wrongly labeled as contraceptives, when they are in fact abortive drugs,  their own information sheets stating, “may also work by preventing a fertilized egg (a newly conceived human being) from implanting itself in the uterine wall”,   such as “Plan B”, “Ella”, “My Way”, and “Take Action”.
Additionaly, it will force some employers to participate in these actions against their deeply held religious beliefs that life begins at conception!

Call Your Rep: Tell Them:  “VOTE NO on HB 5576

HB 4013 – This legislation if a radical departure from long standing Illinois health policy. It allows taxpayer money to pay for  abortions and funds grants to organizations that advocate for and perform abortions. In addition, it removes the prohibition on state employee health insurance plans from paying for elective abortion. It removes the prohibition on using taxpayer money to pay for elective abortions in the state’s Medicaid program.
    This bill will force all taxpayers, even those opposed as a matter of conscience, to participate in funding the abortion industry. This, in spite of the fact, that an overwhelming majority of Americans have opposed taxpayer funding of abortion.

Call Your Rep: Tell Them:  “VOTE NO on HB 4013”

SB 1564 -This bill is still alive from the last legislative session, and has already passed the Senate. It would force all pro-life healthcare providers to promote and facilitate abortion, and threatens the core mission of pregnancy centers that offer women alternatives to abortion.

Call Your Rep: Tell Them:  “VOTE NO on SB 1564”

        CALLS NEEDED re:  ERA

                 The ERA-Bill # SJRCA-24

Scheduled for Illinois Senate Hearing on Tuesday, April 19this a poorly written prospective U.S. Constitutional Amendment that will harm women, unborn children and our society by wiping out all ability to use any laws that use “gender” as a defining characteristic. This will affect workplace and family laws, privacy laws regarding bathrooms and locker rooms, as well as religious freedom laws. Women can be required to register for the military draft, stay at home mothers will lose access to social security benefits; and churches will be required to erase all gender distinctions, such as who may serve as clergy. It will also affect the unborn child through convoluted reasoning that any restrictions on abortion unfairly targets women.


Call The Members of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments – Even though they may be outside your state senate district, please remind their assistants that they do represent you on this committee.

The Members of the Subcommittee
on Constitutional Amendments are the following:

Kwame Raoul – Chicago
(217) 782-5338 Springfield
(773 363-1996 Distric Office
Don Harmon – Oak Park
(217) 782-8176 Sprigfield
(708) 848-2002 Distric Office
Tell Them to “VOTE NO on the ERA, SJRCA-24”

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