On January 22nd, 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand for all nine months of pregnancy for any or no reason with the Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton decision. This decision overturned the laws of the majority of the states. Lake County Right to Life was loosely formed in the summer of 1973. A group of like-minded Lake County residents picnicked in a park thinking the that the abortion issue would be settled in a year. The thought was there was a need to communicate and defend the sanctity of human life, but that the issue would be decided in favor of the overturning of the Supreme Court decision in a short period of time. As time progressed, this proved not to be the case, as public sentiment proved differently.

Lake County Right to Life was incorporated with the help of Divine Providence. Most of our initial members did not see value in incorporating Lake County Right to Life as a public entity. However, a law student told the group that he needed practice in incorporating entities and he thought we would be more effective as a corporation. So, in l974, Lake County Right to Life was incorporated as a 50l.c4 with an internal Educational Trust Fund (c3).

Lake County Right to Life has been and continues to be active in both the educational and lobbying aspects of the right to life movement.

Lake County Right to Life has been and continues to be involved in legislative activities that impact local, state and national laws. As time progressed, we recognized more than ever the need to become actively involved in electing pro-life, pro family legislators and we formed the Lake County

Lake County Right to Life has and continues to provide various educational programs on human life from conception until natural death. Recognizing the value of social media, we developed a Lake County Right to Life Facebook page and Twitter account. We also use Pinterest ( our board is Lake County Right to Life) and Tumbler (our board is lcrtl). We, of course, have a website (www.lcrtl.org). ; Please visit us on all of these media outlets. For people who are not well versed in social media but want to be up to date on the life issues, LCRTL provides an electronic newsletter utilizing Constant Contact.

Lake County Right to Life is governed by a Board of Directors and maintains an office in Grayslake, Illinois. We are very involved in all aspects of the Life movement. Lake County is a member of the Speak Out Illinois Coalition. This Coalition is made up of various pro-life, pro family groups from across the state. We come together to sponsor a Rose Dinner prior to the March For Life Chicago as well as an Educational Forum in the spring. Lake County Right to Life is a Board Member of the March for Life Chicago. This March is always held before the Washington D.C. March for Life. We are active in supporting our local Pregnancy Care Centers.